Awakened Voices Book & Film Project

Real People and Real Stories of Hope and Inspiration to Awaken Your Soul! 

Are You Ready to Share Your Story?

"If you don't see that your story matters, chances are no one else will either. So even though it isn't always easy, it's important for you to find the strength to share your truth. Because the world needs to hear it."--Michelle Obama

The Opportunity!

We all have a story to tell. Stories of pain and betrayal.  Stories of triumph and success. And then there are stories of transformation and change. All of our stories do matter. In fact, our life’s purpose is encoded and wrapped in our life’s story. It’s when we take the time to unravel, examine and unearth the true meaning of our stories that our lives begin to take on a new and brighter path.

This is a rare opportunity for you to share your story with the world. Through our Awakened Voices Book and Film Project, you will Amplify your Voice to the world. Through our stories, we discover who we really are and we find our truth. As a result,  we finally find our  Awakened Voice.

The Invitation

This is a unique opportunity to share your story with the world. Not just share your story, but to use your story as a catalyst for change and transformation in the lives of others.  And while your story will become a gift to all who receives it, this process and experience will become a gift to you.

It’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey. Through our Awakened Voices Book & Film Project, you will discover just how true this statement really is.  Because this journey will literally ignite you, empower you, and transform you. Are you ready to take this journey with us? It’s certainly a journey worth taking.

Write Your Story

The first phase of the journey will be for you to write your story. Your story will be featured in our Anthology Book, Awakened Voices. You will be guided and advised on how to craft your story in a way that it will uplift and touch the hearts of the readers.  Through this process, you will come to understand why your life took the path it did and the amazing gift it has been for you.  In addition,  you will begin to heal those unhealed parts of your story and create a more awakened one that's filled with meaning and magic. We will help you create a masterful story for the world to read and this gift will live on and become your legacy. Your story has value.  As a published author in this book, you will give your story a Voice! 

Film Your Story

While we all know the power of the written word. Yet, there’s something about you giving power to your story through your own voice.  The second phase of this journey will feature you in a Television Docu-Series, Awakened Voices.  You will be filmed while sharing your story through answering a series a questions designed to bring out the richness and gems of your story. Our producers will highlight your story in away whereby the viewers will be moved and touched by you and your story. As a tv star in this Docu-Series, you will give your story LIFE.

Share Your Story

The final phase of this journey is to share your story through our various online and offline media outlets.  Awakened Moments Media has crafted a marketing campaign to ensure your story is seen by many.  Through our streaming television networks, our social media communities, our online reach, our massive email list, and our live events, your story will be echoed to millions. As a published author and star of a Television Docu-Series, you will give your story a PLATFORM.  

Your Story is Your Gift.

It Really Does Take a Human Story to Connect Hearts and Change Lives 

We will give your story a voice to be heard, a life to be valued and a platform to be amplified. 

Awakened Voices Book & Film Project

The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.” Andy Warhol

Awakened Voices TV SHOW

Awakened Voices is a new television series that will air on JD3TV, one of the fastest growing streaming network in the industry. The show will feature real stories from real people as well as showcase the authors, the tv co-stars and the books. 


SEASON ONE is Currently in Production. 


The Awakened Voices Book and Film Project is designed for the woman who is ready to give voice, value, and vision to her life’s story.  Not only will this process impact the lives of many, it will impact your own life.

 SEASON TWO Zoom Orientation: June 27, 2023

Season Two Book and Film Will Be Completed: December 10th 

Enrollment Deadline is June 20, 2023.


Here’s What You Will Receive:

  • 1-Monthly Zoom Training and Coaching on how to craft and write your story, how to market your story, how to earn the attention of the media, and step by step how to host your own book/film release event and how to monetize this experience. Monthly Zoom Trainings are 3rd Tuesdays at 6PM EST.
  • Become a published author in the Awakened Voices Anthology Book Project and have it showcased on the Awakened Voices TV Show..
  • 1-Private one-on-one coaching session w/ Angela to craft your story.
  • A professional photo shoot with a make-up artist, photographer, and set director.
  • 10 Free Copies of the Awakened Voices Anthology Book and access to more copies.
  • Featured Co-Star in the TV Docu-Series Film to air on Awakened Voices TV Show on JD3TV.
  • 2-Professionally designed graphics and short film clips of your story to use and to share on your social media platforms.
  • Participate in The Awakened Voices Meet the Authors and Cast Zoom Event.
  • Awakened Voices Weekend Experience: Meet and Greet Reception, Professional Photo Shoot and Docu-Series Filming, November 17-18, 2023, in Columbia, SC. (Travel, lodging, food: excluded)
  • 24/7 Access to Awakened Voices Online Portal with Trainings and Content to assist you in this process.


Introductory Total Investment: $3500 (Includes All of The Above)

NOTE: Only 12 Participants and slots will go quickly.

6 Monthly Payments of $583.33