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"Introducing our groundbreaking book and tv show project that celebrates the extraordinary stories of real people like you!"


Life is a tapestry woven with unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Each Individual carries a rich tapestry of memories and lessons learned.  We have accumulated a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that should not be kept hidden but celebrated and shared. Every person's life holds the power to inspire and motivate others. By sharing our life stories, we become beacons of inspiration for future generations. The challenges we've faced, the milestones we've achieved, and the lessons we've learned can all serve as a guiding light for those who are embarking on similar journeys. By sharing our stories, we can impart valuable wisdom and encourage others to persevere, dream big, and live their lives to the fullest.

The Awakened Voices Project invites you to join a groundbreaking initiative that empowers real people like you to share their unique experiences and perspectives with the world. Our innovative platform transforms your stories into a captivating book and a thought-provoking TV Docu-Series, amplifying your voice and inspiring countless others along the way. Start your transformative journey with the Awakened Voices Project. Together, let's make a difference in the world, one story at a time.


"If you don't see that your story matters, chances are no one else will either. So, even though it isn't always easy, it's important for you to find the strength to share your truth. Because the world needs to hear it."--Former First Lady Michelle Obama

Awakened Voices Project at a Glance

Every person's narrative can potentially create a meaningful impact. Imagine your story's impact on individuals who may be experiencing similar circumstances, seeking solace, or needing inspiration. By participating in the Awakened Voices Project, you become a catalyst for change, opening hearts and minds. By sharing our experiences, we can contribute to preserving personal and cultural history, ensuring that our perspectives and contributions are not forgotten.

Monthly Zoom Sessions

The process of sharing one's story encourages self-reflection and personal growth.  We have curated each monthly session to help you recount your journey, better understand yourself, and enrich your personal growth. These sessions will ignite you, empower you, and transform you. They will allow for moments of introspection to reconnect with your deepest aspirations/dreams.

Write Your Story

Through powerful writing assignment questions, you will easily create your story. You will be guided on how to craft your story to uplift and touch the hearts of the readers. Through this process, you will understand why your life took its path and heal those unhealed parts of your story. We will help you create a masterful story for the world to read and give your story a Voice! 

Film Your Story

Share your story in our TV Docu-Series, which delves deeper into the themes, emotions, and insights shared in your narrative to foster conversations and change lives. There’s something about you giving power to your story through your own voice. As a star in this TV Docu-Series, you will give your story a new LIFE!

Weekend Celebration 

Through this journey, you'll gain support and encouragement from a network of individuals who have faced similar challenges and triumphs. They are the women who are taking this journey with you. Get excited about the Awakened Voices Weekend Celebration, where you get a chance to finally meet each other, connect, share, and grow. 

Professional Shoot

Everyone loves to feel like a star. During our weekend event, you will be glammed by our professional makeup artist and directed on the set by a professional photographer and team of directors. The photos become yours to use as you please and will also be shared in our marketing campaign.

Share Your Story  

Your legacy will inspire future generations and create a lasting imprint. Our marketing campaign ensures your story is seen by many.  Through our streaming TV networks, our social media communities, our online reach, our massive email list, and our live events, your story will be echoed by many. As a published author and star of a TV Docu-Series, you will give your story a voice to be heard, a life to be valued, and a platform to be Amplified.

Season's One Docu-Series Trailer

Your Story is Your Gift.

It Really Does Take a Human Story to Connect Hearts and Change Lives 

Why Participate in Awakened Voices?

Legacy in Print: Your captivating life story will be immortalized in a beautifully curated book, allowing your journey to inspire future generations.

Cinematic Brilliance: Imagine seeing your story unfold on the television screen! Join our TV project, where a team of talented professionals will bring your inspiring narrative to life.

Amplify Your Impact: Your story can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who may be struggling, offering them hope, guidance, and the courage to embrace their own journey.

Connect and Collaborate: Join a vibrant community of like-minded women who value the power of storytelling. Share experiences, forge lifelong friendships, and contribute to an inclusive and supportive network.

Reach a Wider Audience: Through our book and TV show, your story will reach a global audience across various platforms. You'll be able to inspire women from all walks of life and create a lasting impact.

Professional Exposure: Awakened Voices is backed by a dedicated team of professionals in the publishing and TV industry. By participating, you'll gain visibility and recognition for your journey, potentially opening doors for future opportunities.



          What Participants Are Saying About The Awakened Voices Project

“In past times, I would tell part of my story, not the whole one, for fear of making others look bad. This project has allowed me to tell the whole story without bringing any shame to anyone else. This time, I was able to really look at the impact the story had on me and how I could use my story to impact the lives of others. I was able to move forward without blaming anyone. During the discovery process, I learned that I could own my story. This was the game changer for me."--Previous Season Participant

"At first, I feared what people would think about me. The shame was real. However, the process of this experience allowed me to take a closer look at my life and truly understand what really happened and how it impacted my life. I was able to give new meaning to my story and not get stuck in small, false narratives. I realized none of it was a reflection of who I am. I discovered my healing through this project. This experience has been so freeing and liberating!"--Previous Season  Participant

"I've lived my entire life hiding from my story. I had detached from the things that happened and didn't share them with anyone. This caused me to be very distant from people and not allow others to get too close to me. But this process has allowed me to open parts of myself and my life that I have never done before. I no longer carry this secret or the shame. It was very scary. Yet, I knew it was necessary. Now, I no longer have to hide my story, nor do I have to hide who I am.  For the first time, I can live my life more fully."--Previous Season Participant

"The well-planned format allowed me to share parts of my story that will prayerfully benefit others. However, journaling back to my earliest memories of a diseased, ravaged body and other dysfunctional aspects of my experiences has been so gratifying that I dug deeper and understood more about the critical players in my life and their intentions, as well as my role in the process. My greatest takeaway is that I am blessed beyond and above my past circumstances. I am grateful for this experience!"--Previous Season Participant

"This has been a remarkable experience for me. The incredible opportunity to meet some amazing women with whom we've built a sisterhood during this process has been awesome. This project has been a legacy for our families to know our stories. I now understand that my story is not for me but for someone else. What I've been through is now healing for someone else. I want to encourage anyone who is considering this project to do it because it is an incredible opportunity."--Previous Season Participant 

A Note from Angela!

The Producer and Host of Awakened Voices

Hi, I'm Angela Carr Patterson, and I am so excited about the possibility of helping you share your story with the world. It was someone's story that literally changed my life. This is why I am encouraging you to take this journey with us. Because your story has the power to connect hearts, transform lives, and heal communities. To learn more about me, visit 

Enroll In Awakened Voices Project Today!

Share your story with the world to transform lives, inspire communities, and ignite a global movement for compassion, empathy, and positive change. Let your remarkable story be told. Your story matters. 

 Share Your Story and Leave an Indelible Mark on the World!


The Perfect Platform and Process to Unveil Your Story


A Six-Month Journey to Revolutionize Your Life's Story Includes:

  • 5-Monthly Zoom Training and Coaching on how to craft and write your story, how to market your story, how to earn the attention of the media, and step-by-step how to host your own book/TV release event and how to monetize this experience. Monthly Zoom Trainings are on the 3rd Tuesday at 6 PM EST. Replays are immediately available. ($7000 Value)
  • 1-Private one-on-one, 60-90 minute coaching session with/ Angela to craft your story. ($1,000 Value)
  • A professional photo shoot with a make-up artist, photographer, and set director. ($1,500 Value)
  • 10 Free Copies of the Awakened Voices Anthology Book and access to more copies. ($150 Value)
  • Featured Co-Star in the TV Docu-Series to air on Awakened Voices TV Show on JD3TV and other social media platforms/outlets. ( $5,000 Value)
  • Your Story on Film for you to use in your own screening event. ($1500 Value)
  • 2-Professionally designed graphics and one short film clip to share on social media platforms. ($500 Value)
  • Participate in The Awakened Voices Meet the Authors and Cast Zoom Event. ($1,000 Value)
  • Awakened Voices Weekend Experience: Meet and Greet Reception, Professional Photo Shoot, and Docu-Series Filming in Columbia, SC. (Travel, lodging, food: excluded) ($5,000 Value)
  • 24/7 Access to the Awakened Voices Online Platform with Training and Content to assist you in this process.



 We're Now Casting for Season 3! 

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Over $20,000 in Value!

Total Investment ONLY $5,000! 

 Payment Plan Options!

As you know, all payments for this project are non-refundable. We encourage only serious, committed participants. The teachings and content are valuable, and many materials are downloadable and will last a lifetime.

Once you have secured your seat, you will receive a Welcome Packet with all the information needed to make this journey successful. You will also gain immediate access to Angela Carr Patterson's calendar to schedule your 1-on-1 Private Session with her to start crafting a blueprint for your journey before the project begins. 

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