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Who We Are

Angela Carr Patterson, Executive Producer

Awakened Moments Media is dedicated to using various media platforms to elevate the awareness of issues that impact women/girls. We will amplify our voices through media, arts and entertainment to ignite conversations, spark awareness, awaken souls and drive change.I created Awakened Moments Media to share remarkable stories that will Entertain, Enrich, and Empower audiences while rewriting humanity’s new cultural story. We speak as one, but in many ways. It’s the Power of Our Collective and Harmonic Voice for Change.

We're Currently Casting for These Projects!

We are currently seeking individuals who would like to participate in our current and upcoming projects listed below. If you would like to be considered for one or more  of these amazing projects, simply go to our casting page and complete the requested information. One of our producers will respond and connect with you soon.

The Ties That Bind TV

Online Television Game Show

Inspired by a popular 1960’s show, The Ties That Bind Online Game Show is a fun, entertaining event where we bring married couples together to compete against each other in a series of revealing questions to determine how well the spouses know each other.  It’s been said that The Ties That Bind Us Together are stronger than the ones that tear us apart. Join us for The Ties That Bind Us Online Game Show to see if this statement rings true.  The winning couple will receive a prize pack designed just for them. Couples must be legally married to participate in this fun and exciting show. Contact Us for Casting Information.

Father Loves Best

Reconciling Estrange Fathers and Daughters

Father Loves Best is an online TV show that depicts the breakdown of father-daughter relationships that have been flawed, disrupted or non-existent. Viewers will watch as fathers try to reconcile, repair and renew their broken relationships with their estranged daughters. Join us as we look inside these complicated relationships to and see if healing and forgiveness are possible. And what happens when a father and daughter comes together to heal and restore their broken relationship and what happens when they can’t. Contact Us for Casting Information.

Organic Sisters

A Journey Into True and Lasting Friendships

Organic Sisters TV Show is an internal journey into female friendships. This online tv series will examine the dynamics of friendship among women who have been friends for 20 years and more. The show will take an inside look into the sometimes complicated world of emotions, closeness, relatedness as well as broken trust and betrayals found in female friendships. If you and your sister-friend or ex-sister friend would like to take part in this tv series, please share your story with us. Contact Us for Casting Information. 

Single and Seasoned

Online Dating Game Show

The Single and Seasoned Dating Game Show is an online game show, based on the hit 70’s television game show, The Dating Game. The Single and Seasoned Dating Game Show will feature single men and women answering questions and engaging conversations about relationships and dating. One bachelor and one bachelorette will have a chance to select from a group of eligible singles to go on a virtual date that we set up for them.  We are seeking male and females, single, divorced or widowed, age 50 and over, who would like to take part in this fun and engaging upcoming online show. Contact us for Casting Information.

I'm Angela!

Are You Ready to Share Your Story?

“When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.” --Iyanla Vanzant

We all have a story to tell. Stories of pain, betrayal, triumph, and success. There are also stories of transformation and change. All of our stories matter. In fact, our life’s purpose is encoded and wrapped in our life’s story. It’s when we take the time to unravel, examine, and unearth the true meaning of our stories that our lives begin to take on a new and brighter path. This is a rare opportunity for you to share your story with the world through our Awakened Voices Book and TV Project. 


It’s Time to Tell Your Story and That Time is NOW! 

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Some of Our Film/TV Projects

We will continue to focus our efforts to bringing you the most entertaining, enriching and empowering media projects that elevate women/girls. Our projects are featured on several platforms such as JD3TV Streaming Network, Win Win Women Network and our growing YouTube Channel. Please be sure to align yourself with these platforms so that you don't miss any of our amazing projects. Take a look here,  at some of the projects we've  done and are doing.  Know that we are ready to help you with your projects. Do you have a story to share, or an idea to produce? Just let us know and we will be happy to serve you.  

The Making of a Fatherless Daughter Documentary Film

Hush No More Documentary Film

Awaken Your Life TV